Apple Sandwiches

Now that school has started I am looking for easy lunches!  My daughter is in half days so when I get home I need to have a health

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Veggie Bounty Side Dish

I was so lucky to have my first born be a true foodie.  She would eat absolutely anything I put in front of her.  She still does,

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Sneaky Watermelon Salad

I generally don’t do dessert for my kids.  But sometimes I like to do something fun post dinner.  Especially in the summerti

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Kale Salad

My three and a half year old and I talk about ‘energy’ a lot.  We talk about what gives us good energy for an active da

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Simple and Delicious Chicken Stew

There has been a serious lag in my blogging!  I have been dealing with some serious sleep deprivation as my 14-month old has been w

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It’s Stew Season

The first thing I think of when the leaves start to change and my sweaters come out from hiding, is cozy, warm up your soul, food. T

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Stir-Fry for Everyone

We were leaving the cottage after an extended stay and therefore our fridge was becoming very empty.  We had lots of bits and piece

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