Manic Mondays – Meat Sauce for All

We are enjoying the last week of family time at the cottage before school starts. Sadly we have been stuck inside for the past 24 h

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Stir-Fry for Everyone

We were leaving the cottage after an extended stay and therefore our fridge was becoming very empty.  We had lots of bits and piece

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Pancake Weekend

I really love cookbooks, cooking magazines and cooking blogs.  I was at a friend’s house for the weekend a couple of years ago and there was a

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Snapshot Saturday

In addition to cooking I love taking photos.  I always have my camera with me and seem to always be in charge of event photos.  So

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Manic Mondays

Breakfast of Champions So this Monday may not be so “manic”. As I post I am staring out into the windy waters of Georgia

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Infant One-Pot Meals

I don’t particularly enjoy eating my meals out of packages. So when it comes to feeding my kids I assume that they won’t

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