One Week of Lunches – Day 5!!!

Week One is Complete! No lunch disasters yet. It will be a long road til June but I’m pretty confident that apart from a couple of possible hu

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One Week of Lunches – Day 4.

Almost thru the first week of back-to-school lunches! Todays lunch may not be for every kid. I get it. But my kids happen to love todays creation. S

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One Week of Lunches – Day 3

Day 3. Hump Day! Gotta keep the kids excited and nourished for another big day of school. Todays lunch took some effort on my part (after the kids

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One Week of Lunches – Day 2.

We started off with a bang yesterday! I’ve got this, right? I know this has been and is being done by moms all over the planet, but boy is it

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One Week of Lunches — Day 1!

This whole “bring your lunch to school” thing has thrown me for a loop. For serious. I did not realize how organized I really had to be.

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Making Breakfast Oats fun

In keeping with the breakfast theme, I thought I would post another delicious breakfast option. Especially since we are days away from the first day

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