Chop ‘em up a Salad!

So here is the thing. I love a good salad. I like to make myself salads for most lunches when I am at home. And because I am making myself a salad, I have always believed that my kids should at least attempt to eat the same lunch that I am already making for me! It has taken a while for me to grasp the idea that I don’t need to make an “adult lunch” and a “kid lunch”. The concept of salad has taken a little bit of getting used to for my kids, especially my 2 year-old. But with a couple of special things in the salad that makes them excited, both kids willfully and happily gobble up my delicious chopped salad.

Start by giving your kids some chopped salad as a side to an apple sandwich or another lunch time favourite. I promise that after a couple of months they will be eating salad as their main lunch. Today I gave my kids a big bowl of this salad and they finished off with celery and almond butter. Makes my heart beat a little faster knowing they are eating such nourishing meals!

So start this week and chop your kids up a salad and nourish their little bodies with lots of vegetables! I pick up the kids from school and spend as little as 10 minutes chopping before I’ve got this yummy salad on the table. The great thing about this salad is that you can add in whatever you have available in your fridge.

This is especially a perfect salad to make the days after cooking a roast chicken and you are looking for things to use the leftover chicken for.

Their are two key components to this salad:
1. Chop up everything really small
2. Add in one ingredient that makes small mouths really excited. Such as bacon or nuts or fruit. So that for each bite you can put their special ingredient on the spoon.

Here is what you need!

Organic Romaine Lettuce – about 2 cups chopped up
2 organic mini cucumbers
1/4 red onion
2 Green onions
2 organic carrots
1 organic avocado
Handful of organic cilantro
5 organic strawberries (watermelon is another good option)
1 organic chicken breast
3 tbs grated parmesan cheese
1 tbs coconut oil
1 lemon
sea salt
Special Ingredient such as toasted pine nuts or bacon!

Take all your ingredients and chop all vegetables up relatively small.








Add everything to the bowl.

Either chop up leftover roast chicken or fry up a new piece of chicken breast!

Now wash and dry your piece of chicken breast. Cover with half a lemon and sea salt and pepper.

Warm up a small frying pan to medium heat. Add 1 tbs of coconut oil.


Fry the piece of chicken breast until cooked thru.

Chop up the piece of chicken into small pieces. If you are lucky enough you will have a little help!



Once everything is in the bowl squeeze the rest of the lemon into the salad.


I add in a tiny bit of salad dressing made out of Olive Oil, White wine vinegar, dijon mustard, sea salt, pepper.



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