One Week of Lunches – Day 3

Day 3. Hump Day! Gotta keep the kids excited and nourished for another big day of school. Todays lunch took some effort on my part (after the kids went to bed), but it was worth it because all the extra meatballs are in the freezer and ready to be pulled out each week for the whole month.

Todays menu was:
Turkey Meatballs
Cut up carrots and cucumbers.
A side of hummus for meatball and vegetable dipping.
Sliced Apple
Cheddar cheese cubes
Lemon muffin on the side for post lunch treat.


It was such a hit. Empty lunch box at pick up. Olivia said she loved it so much and asked for more hummus next time!

My kids love meatballs. So the focus today was on turkey meatballs. I took 2 lbs of ground turkey meat (organic, anti-biotic free) and chopped up 3 carrots, 2 shallots. Put that together with some sea salt, pepper, 1 egg and some gluten-free bread crumbs. Roll into small balls.




I cooked 10 meatballs the night before in a pan with coconut oil (can also be olive oil). Or you can bake them at 400 for about 15-20 minutes. Put in the fridge for next day.


The rest of the meatballs I put into a ziplock bag and froze. They will last me the month hopefully!

In the morning I put the cold meatballs into her lunch box. I warned her they would be cold (not the usual piping hot) and that dipping them in hummus would make them extra delicious.


I also chopped up some carrots and cucumbers the night before, as well as made some cheese cubes. Added the vegetables and cheese to the lunch box with a container of hummus.


Popped in some sliced apple and a lemon muffin and the Wednesday lunch box was done!!

Hope you’re able to try this one for your kids. Was a hit!


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