One Week of Lunches – Day 4.

Almost thru the first week of back-to-school lunches!

Todays lunch may not be for every kid. I get it. But my kids happen to love todays creation. So even thou it may not be for everyone, I figured I would share.

I sent the kids to school with:

Kale Salad with pine nuts and grated parmesan cheese
Chicken Breast fried in coconut oil
Cheddar Cheese cubes
Carrot sticks
Watermelon cut up
Lemon muffin
Granola Bar


I am sure that lots of kids do not want to eat Kale Salad for lunch. But somehow my kids just love it! I even asked Olivia if she would rather cut up vegetables and hummus or Kale Salad and she chose the salad option.

I sliced up a couple of leaves of Kales fairly fine. Added some pine nuts (didn’t even roast them as was short on time). Grated in some cheese. And added a red wine vinegar salad dressing.


I had pan fried some chicken breast last night in coconut oil. The chicken was simple with just lemon, sea salt and pepper on it. I diced it up and added to salad.

I added some cut carrots and cubed cheese.


I cut up watermelon for the side of fruit.


And finally sneaked in a muffin and granola bar.

Olivia said she loved lunch today. Charles gobbled his up too.

Success! One more day to top off the week.


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