Infant to Toddler Power Mush

Baby Charles is a baby no longer. He turns 1 tomorrow! In his final days of pre-1, I have been giving him some delicious and nutritious power breakfasts. I need to get him walking!

I have a delicious treat in store for his first birthday that I will post later this week…but before the celebrations I thought I would post the hearty breakfast that has gotten him to 1!

I find breakfast is the best meal to jam in the most nutrients. I jam everything into my Vitamix and blend away. For Olivia I add in some extra water and let her drink it as a Smoothie. My favourite blend is:

Wild Blueberries
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
Almonds (soaked overnight and thoroughly rinsed)

I also add in a Toddler Probiotic – so important to maintain a healthy gut. This is especially important as we enter into the fall (can’t believe it’s already fall!) and your kids are back to school and in contact with lots of germs. A probiotic can help boost the immune system of wee bodies to protect them from both bacterial and viral infections. I also take a Probiotic every day too!

Next post will be Charles’ gluten free and sugar-free cupcakes and then a post on great back-to-school lunches and dinners!

Sad that it’s the end of summer but excited for Olivia to tackle her first year as a 5-day a week

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