Manic Mondays

Breakfast of Champions

So this Monday may not be so “manic”. As I post I am staring out into the windy waters of Georgian Bay sipping a coffee. But most Mondays are manic. Getting kids up, dressed, fed and to school is hard. (And getting moms and dads up, dressed and to work can be even harder!) Within all the morning chaos, making sure the littlest ones are getting a healthy breakfast for the day is obviously important.

Even thou Charles is just about one, I am going to keep giving him his “mush” for as long as I can. Putting a whole bunch of stuff into a Vitamix is a super simple way to pack in a huge amount of nutrients and healthy calories to keep him happy until lunch. And the bonus is that Olivia loves to have a bowl of mush as well. Since I add in Flax seeds, Chia seeds and spinach, I couldn’t be happier that Olivia willingly eats this for breakfast!

It’s an easy breakfast that I thought worth sharing. I started giving this to Charles at 8 months. He will keep eating it as long as he wants to!

This morning’s mush reflects what I have in the cottage pantry but there are many substitutes. It’s pretty key to have a strong blender like the Vitamix to blend up all your nuts and seeds to a consistency that your babies will like.

This morning I included:
My seeds: Flax and Chia
Half an avocado
Half a banana
Ontario Peach
Ontario Wild blueberries
Handful of organic spinach
Little bit of water for blending

I would also suggest adding, soaked almonds, soaked oats and substitute any of the fruits above for whichever is in season. Kale is also a fantastic leafy green to use if you prefer that to spinach.

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