Apple Sandwiches

Now that school has started I am looking for easy lunches!  My daughter is in half days so when I get home I need to have a healthy lunch at the ready for her and her younger brother.

Sandwiches are always the easiest!  But I try to keep my kids grain free as much as possible.  I started making Apple Sandwiches this summer for picnics.  They aren’t anything wildly inventive, but it’s nice to be reminded of an easy staple that you can do once or twice a week for the littles.

My dreamy younger sister bought me an apple corer – it has made making Apple Sandwiches so much easier!

The pictures speak for themselves.  Luckily we are heading into apple season here in Ontario, so finding delicious local apples won’t be hard!

Once you core and thinly slice your (organic) apples you can choose your fillings.  We like to change it up. Some of Olivia and Charlie’s favourites are:

1.  Almond butter and bananas (Any organic almond butter will do.  I favour a brand called Barney Butter - it has the best texture and consistency.  Kids and adults love it).

2.  Avocado, lemon, salt and pepper (and cheese!)

3.  Olivia’s most favourite is Salami, cheese, tomato and avocado.

All the leftovers can be eaten as sides for the kids.  For example, Olivia had a salami sandwich yesterday so I gave her celery and Barney Butter as a side.  Yum!

Play with a bunch of options.  My next experiment will be an “Apple Grilled Cheese!”  Might be tricky!






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