Snapshot Saturday

In addition to cooking I love taking photos.  I always have my camera with me and seem to always be in charge of event photos.  So I’m making Saturdays and Sundays about sharing some snapshots.

We had a celebratory lunch at the cottage the other day.  We had beat salad, a green salad and delicious sausages from The Healthy Butcher in Toronto.  For desert I made a sugar free and wheat free cake – made with white navy beans and coconut flour.  I make a modified version that I originally found on The Spunky Coconut Blog .  I made a couple of changes that I will blog about when I make Charles’ first birthday cake on September 4th!  Today is just about snapshots.

I love a good cottage lunch at our picnic table.  I’ll have to go back to these pictures in February when I am missing these late summer days.

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