Pancake Weekend

I really love cookbooks, cooking magazines and cooking blogs.  I was at a friend’s house for the weekend a couple of years ago and there was a huge coffee table full of Vogues, Vanity Fairs, W’s, a handful of Elle Décor’s and a few random cooking magazines.  I surveyed the table and took all the cooking magazines for investigation.  My friend was shocked by my choice of reading material.  I mean, who chooses, “Cooking Lite” over the newest Vanity Fair.  Moi.

What I have recently tried to find are good cookbooks for toddler cooking.  I find that most toddler cookbooks are filled with recipes that involve bread.  Since I try to give my kids a mostly gluten-free diet at home I have to think extra hard to come up with meals that do not involve wraps, wheat pasta, bread slices or wheat flour.  And since all the toddler cookbooks I know of fill the recipes with all that gluten, I have yet to find one that solely focuses on vegetables and beans and meats.

Today’s recipe is a must in anyone’s arsenal of breakfast recipes.  Wheat-free and sugar-free pancakes.  Olivia loves a good pancake.  But I cannot bear to give her the traditional kind that we grew up with.  The recipe calls for a cup of sugar and a cup of refined white flour.  Both of those things are not ideal for kick-starting a toddler’s day (nor an adults day!).  No one wants her 2.5 year old to have a sugar rush at 9am on Saturday.  The day would feel way too long!

Since we are at the cottage, Olivia scams pancake breakfasts more than at home.  So seeing as the summer is nearing its end some of you might want to try a pancake breakfast on a lazy summer Saturday with the kids.  These pancakes are filled with good fats and lots of protein.  I put some homemade syrup on Olivia’s pancakes.  Or if I don’t have time, then some homemade maple syrup made from my in-laws sap trees!


½ Banana
2 Organic Eggs (I like Small Flocks from Whole Foods in Toronto)
½ cup of Almond Flour (I like jk gourmet available at Whole Foods)
1 Teaspoon vanilla
1 Tablespoon of melted butter*
Sprinkle of cinnamon

10 local and organic strawberries (they are abundant now!)**
2 Tablespoons water

Mush up the half banana in a bowl with a fork.


Add in the 2 Organic Eggs and mix well with the eggs

Mix in the vanilla, butter, cinnamon and almond flour with a fork or whisk.  If the mixture seems a little runny to you, add in some more Almond Flour.

I tend to make smaller pancakes because wheat free pancakes are a little trickier to handle.  They take a little bit longer to cook.  Put the heat on low and let them slow cook until the edges look to be cooked.


Then flip for a minute or two.


“Syrup” Topping.
Take a handful of washed strawberries and the water and add to your Vitamix (or blender) and blend up.  Add the mixture to the pancakes for a healthy topping that you and the kids will love!

*Make sure to use good organic butter.  If you have access to Grass-Fed butter (those in the US do!  Whole Foods has a good selection of two or three options) definitely buy grass-fed.  For those of us in Ontario you may have to do a little digging to find grass-fed or raw butter and it might involve a back alley.  ;)

**Wild Blueberries would be a great alternative since they are also in abundance now.

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