I have spent most of the past three and a half years changing diapers, mushing up carrots and reading “Goodnight Moon.”   In all of this mushing I have realized that I really love nourishing my kids with great food.

I truly do enjoy raising my wee rugrats.  What I have found the most valuable gift I can give my young kids is a healthy gut.  Seriously.  I know we don’t talk about “guts” much but a healthy gut will energize little ones as infants, toddlers, teenagers and young adults.  Having a healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body to fight off diseases and viruses from toddlerhood to adulthood.  And my little babies rely completely on me to choose appropriate meals, snacks and drinks so that their tiny insides develop and grow in a way that will make them healthy little people.

The truth is that my kids will learn their ABC’s and their 123’s – it might be two weeks earlier than my neighbors’ kids or even 6 months later than their friends in pre-school.  But they will learn them.  They will learn French and Geography and who the Prime Minister is.  But nobody has a vested interest in my kids’ body health other than me.  I am the only one who can impart healthy eating and teach their bodies to like kale and kefir drinks.

So I have spent the past three and a half years learning from books, blogs, nutritionists and my incredibly knowledgeable mother and sister duo who basically have a masters in nutrition. (Ok – they have nothing close to a masters in nutrition – they have never taken one class in the subject – but they are so well read that I have taken it upon myself to consider them masters in nutrition!).


I am always asked about the food I make for my kids and family.  What I’m making…Why I choose these odd/unknown foods…How are they good for us…And what are the recipes.  I take a lot of knowledge from all sorts of different sources and turn them into meals.  I thought that I would start writing down what I’m learning about and how I turn them into family friendly, gut-healthy meals.  So that’s how I’m starting this blog.  I’ll tell you about what I’m cooking.  I’ll throw in some sprinkles of what else I’m doing if I deem it interesting enough.  I’m not a professional chef.  I’ve just learned from experience – my little girl and little boy let me know if I’m doing a good job!  Let me know your thoughts as I blog away!