Sneaky Watermelon Salad

I generally don’t do dessert for my kids.  But sometimes I like to do something fun post dinner.  Especially in the summertime when we can sit outside and enjoy the long days with a sweet treat.

I created the Sneaky Watermelon Salad dessert as a way to please my daughter with something delicious but also sneak in some raw greens for my son who refuses to drink his morning smoothie.  Olivia will gulp down a relatively unsweetened smoothie filled with kale, spinach, almonds, chia, flax and celery.  But Charles takes one look at it and throws it on the floor.  Boys!  So I am always looking at ways for Charles to eat raw leafy greens.  Todays treat was one way!

It seems like a weird combo but my kids eat a huge bowl of it.  Load on the spinach – the sweetness of the watermelon and the sour of the key limes makes them ignore all that green!

What you will need:

1/4 small organic seedless watermelon

1/2 cup spinach

4 key limes

*optional is to add a sprinkle of chia seeds

Start with getting together all your ingredients on a big chopping board.

Take your watermelon and slice into small pieces.  I’ve mentioned before that my kiddies love everything chopped up small so that lots fits in a spoonful!

Add in however much spinach you think your kids can handle!  Then squeeze in the juice from all the key limes (make sure to pick out any key lime seeds that fall in).



Mix everything up and voilá!

I like the idea of using the leftovers for breakfast.  I put a dollop of whole fat plain organic yogurt in a bowl.  Sprinkle on some sprouted Chia seeds and place the watermelon salad on top.  Yum!!



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